The Draft of My Irrefutable Will & Testimony

Shawnda Dupree also known by Shawnda McGowen
Irrefutable Will and Testament
Anything I have accumulate materially, academically or financially will be handed over as an inheritance to my biological son, Coltin James Dupree. He is to have all copy rights to my work both written and produced in novelty form or scholarly form and will be handed over to Coltin James Dupree via legal signing. The documents are to be given to Coltin James Dupree under the presence of a judge who is to approve the actions as legal. My work is to be given to Coltin James Dupree under its fullest extent, including the full copy rights to all material produced by me his legal and biological mother, whether the copy rights be granted prior to the provocation of my will or not. All documents pertaining my name in all legal matters or non-legal written matters, weather they are publicized via social media, or privatized via journal are to be obtained and legally signed over to my son. Documents within the military’s jurisdiction are to apprehended by Coltin James Dupree with a legal representative present and signed over under the unification of a legal document under the justice system, to Coltin James Dupree, without refute. All possessions in all forms including equity, loan, material, mortgage properties, film productions, businesses and business franchises, and business or investment deals or in progress negotiations are to be given legally and freely to the new proprietor being Coltin James Dupree. Thus being the purpose of my written and documented, will and testimony. A judge will witness this will in person, therefore, creating a legal compact and document that is to be hereby obeyed. The remainder of my estates and all the above is to be handled in the matter Coltin James Dupree see fit. There is a note within all my investments and properties and published productions stating my peace, it is highly encouraged that this peace remain instilled, in order to protect the prosperity and safeties of my son and his inheritance. If he so chooses, he may change the will of their existence to better suit himself. Although, it is highly suggested that he do not change the expressions of my business matters or production matters that have been implemented to prevent corruption or further persecution that may befall upon him or his newly acquired assets.
My penalty against all persecutors against me and in my time is that they do not conduct business or partake in any part of my production, though sells involvement is an inevitable element in business, therefore sells is not considered part of my penalty plea. As a member of the persecuted Church and as a persecuted Christian, I disbelieve that any of my productions, creations, inventions, investments and or business plans, deals, contracts and establishments would be protected if given into the hands of the alleged; which would further prolong the precedence of religious and sex related persecution I have endured, on all levels. Therefore, I entrust that all future decisions made by my legal offspring will be made with just cause and in wisdom. I do not approve that any of my dealings weather private or public, business or social, involve those of the Jewish faith or Muslim faith whether it be blood relations or religious relations. My convictions are both legal and just and do not need further ramifications weather by legal force or social force. A production of novelty will be created to further define my predigests, which will further state my discrimination, thus furthering my attempts to shield myself and my son from persecution.
No legal ramifications will be implied on myself or my son, due to former and continuous persecution as a result of hate, discrimination without just cause and persistent failure to follow the Justice system that prevails above all, except by its original ordained authority that being God. God’s Providences though unseen to the naked eye are part of his rightful jurisdiction, which I grant fully unto him, regardless of secular and opposing religious bigotry. My beliefs will not be questioned at any time weather in life or in passing, including my realm of death, under the provisions that are sustained by the holy laws and human laws of the United States and the Holy word of God. I am a member of the Christian Faith, therefore, I am obliged to follow its laws, to my fullest ability. By questioning my impartialness, the judges, attorneys, civilians of the community, enforcers of the laws and all other presiding justices therefore, question my ability to pursue happiness, hope and success.

The declaration of my steadfast protection will be written and submitted, prior to my death, in order to justify my actions. Penalties shall not be granted in front of the law, or God. Thus, creating a mockery of justice and peace. The law is on my side in its rightful authenticity which enables it to protect its natural born citizens, who possess a legal birth certificate. At will a citizen is capable of protecting their inalienable rights when just cause is the conditions, otherwise no disturbance is foreseen. The written utterances are out of love of life, will of God and fear of the law, not in reprisal to the stated. In protecting the law, my rights and that of my offspring, being Coltin James Dupree, I further enable the Justice system to prevail. In revoking my movement, the persecutors are also in lieu of obedience of the laws above their heads and its extraordinary justice system. If there is any lasting denial of my own civil and criminal injustices, these actions are provoking the law and justice system further. Until justice prevails in all matters and in full, may these humble restrictions apply. Humble being dealt with in a peaceful manner.

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