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From my book




“To Obama; A low man is only as high as the disdain of his master. A low man you stepped in and a low man you shall fall, lower than that of your father. Who was the man who told you, that you would rise higher than he, your father, once upon a time before you. Fall to the ground and look up at the people who see you for what you really are and not what you were supposed to be because that is where you stay. Had a better man beat you like a wicked child, or a slave, you would have risen higher than that of your father. I wage war against this prince who was once my master, like a master to a slave he beat me of my dignity. A whore beast who threw himself up on thee. A man without just cause but who lived in a single lie; humble. Obama, a slave, greater to his master than that of his pitiful ancestors, slaves to dignity and humbleness they may have been, but you were freed of both.”

“May you burn in hell, a place for the corrupted and evil, careless, worldly men.”

++Shawnda Dupree


The first time I met Obama it was not in person, it was online. I’d never noticed him more than twice or once more before thus. He attempted to harass me publicly with the inventions of a man who I claim now, as a worthless Jew. Popular opinion was what governed Barack Obama, not justice; he was a man among men who distinguished himself as a defined principal of conviction, but was less than. A boy not merely a man but a man I’m sure he hoped to become, he never did, not even as a defiant ruler of America. A joke at America’s expense, may he be wiped from the papers of history. He was a man with a tact called lies. A man I am glad I never met, touching the hand of a beast is accepting his mark, it is better to know what is best for you, especially when you know what something is. Obama was a child animal, a man with no morals. It is as God says, impossible to enter heaven, just as his father, just as his father’s father. He used government funding to act out against America as a prostitute, whore, beast who was engaged to terrorism, a domestic terrorist. A man who was so crippled by the rights of a foreign land that he did not even know what land he’d entered, or maybe he did. Like a lame peasant Jew, he walked onto a political platform, preaching a philosophy he did not even doctrine or understand.