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     Elisabeth was the first time, but I wondered if she would be the last. I did not know her, but I wanted her, I never wanted anyone before thus.
I stood patiently, awaiting the moment when I would embrace her palm again.
For she was lovely, as she beautiful, in every manner, and in all form.

      I imagined to myself, a small poem about her, written by a poet girl, who’d lived long before her time. She wrote in regards of love, she sought love, but never did it find her. Thus, solitude became the virtue of the lonely, for she was, alone.
“Thy silhouette tis more beautiful than ballerinas at play, upon the fields of orchestras. Tis thy sweet symphony under Paris stars, within winter’s beckoning to snow. Hark unto thine heart, a truths of love, tis sweeter than scented lilies upon still waters. Thy servant, shall he love thee passionately. First thou must harken psalms of friendship before courtship; when thee taketh thou into thine kindship. Alas, thou shalt not know thy faithful servant tonight. Neigh, nor without first curious brow, when thine heart first looked upon her, wanting. Wanting not love first, but friendship; though thee doth desire love in friendship, thy servant stands patiently, wanting, but waiting. Friendship, his plot, with good intention.

May he place not wrongful breath upon her; he doth speaketh unto thee with thine honest tongue. He didst meaneth love, with thou greatest intent, thus he doth neigh refute patience. To a well man; who shall bid ye fair maiden, he doth caught her only by thine unyielding patience; his virtue be it in him, patience. May he parish before thy fair maiden distrust him; until dusk thou ask thee in waiting to courtship into friendship; thus leading into kindship, may it not be before thus.
Lady, shield thy heart from the predator of love, may he never take thee, may he never bed thee, lest thou parish from a broken heart, and a broken face.
Love thee forever more, after thine friendship, after thine courtship, and after thine kindship. Love thine forever more.”
the lonely poet,
Shawnda McGowen, _________________