Let Thy Spirit Take Flight.

 Till Lindemann,

I wasn’t sure on how to show you,
I didn’t know how to know you.

A star in the sky, I stare up from below you.

I see pain when I look inside your eyes. 

I feel love not lust,

 for that my heart cries. 

Each night my soul lives,

each night my soul dies. 

I perish into a world of darkness, without you. 

Lovers I felt nothing for were far and few. 

I awake, no rest hath touched mine eyes, 

For it is in you that mine rest lies. 

A secret seen within a dream,

A light shown within your requiem. 

A moonlit shadow creeps along my path. 

I follow her to see what secret she hath.  

In a wood deep with solemn slumber. 

A white gowned maiden doth wonder. 

A room lit within the dark. 

A scent in the night leaves an invisible Mark. 

I tread slowly, pondering my fate. 

My love waits for you, 

let my kiss not find your lips too late. 

A door once hidden now lies before me. 

My pulse increasing, I turn the knob hesitantly. 

The blood within my veins, may it burn only for thee. 

Her secret feeds mine ears, her whisper draws me near, “come find me.”

As I step past the threshold I catch my breath. 

The room is ice as cold as death. 

A small flame flickers next to a face. 

An image of you love, shadows of lace. 

I’m tempted toward her, deprived lust on skin of Ivory’s tone. 

I look into her stare as she sits on her thrown. 

Light so dim I can not see her eyes. 

I never meant to be her chastise. 

“Lovely, why does she hide from thee?”

A delicate twirl, fingers slowly courante, removing her mask. 

A painting of a man appears, sipping his flask. 

Sadness falls down, tears of rapture. 

Thee emotion is hot with disgrace, he desires love’s recapture. 

“Wake me with a kiss, tonight.”

I press his lips with mine, 

“Marry me Till, let thy spirit take flight.”

 A poem naked with my intention, 

to a future with his future,

Marry me Till, let thy spirit take flight. 


 –Shawnda Dupree