Dear Chancellor Merkel, 
           First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shawnda Dupree. I am a writer. Over the past years I have become more interested in the European political playing field, than ever before. I grew up learning about German history and had a father figure who is American-German. I have always admired Germany, she has a strong historic background, that surpasses all. Despite her more recent history, I am still found of Germany, even more so than any other European nation. In fact, it is her history, that makes me found of her. I will approach you with all honesty, I am found of Chancellor, Adolf Hitler,because of his great perseverance. This may seem unsettling to you, especially in reference to the holocaust. Yet, if you spoke to me personally, you would know my reasoning is actually, quite logical. I would like to write on behalf of the Nation of Germany in the future. I am now currently working on several novels, that put her as the center sphere of my work. Both historically and figuratively. She is both imagined and seen. I now study Germany as if she were a close friend who moved accord the ocean. So far but inside so close. One of the reasons I have taken her inside of me is because I adore her, and one day, after I move to Europe maybe she might too, adore I. I understand there is a serious issue/epidemic in Germany, and all of Europe, pertaining to immigration. Immigration reform has this been on your table for the past decade. There seems to be little to no progress in this matter. This means there have been no feasible solutions to the disaster that hath swept Europe. The Epidemic will continue to sweep Europe until she is alast a hollow shell of unresolved conflict. I want to present a somewhat extreme measure to the present immigration issue, an idea from me, in my own words. I would like to do this one day, after I have accomplished one of my first dreams, becoming a European politician. I see the spectrum of political movement is much broader in Europe than in America, when looking specifically at change. I would love to indulge and cater to this change, personally. I’m not going to lie, your past quite fascinates my interests. My principal is that Germany would operate better if she spoke with a louder, much sterner voice, and with more emphasis on topics in relation to religion. More specifically foreign religion. Because foreign religion pertains directly to most of the uprisings seen through Europe, Judaism and Islam. These two religions do not co-exist in peace among each other or among the religion of Christianity. From what I have learned Germany’s roots, and nationalism derives from a strong Christian background. Meaning while these two religions exist in a nation that is suppose to represent and opposing religion, peace will never be felt. If you look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict you would see the extreme side of two opposing religions, trying to defeat a conflict that still see no resolute. Because the truth is this, they can not exist together because they are in fact to opposing entities. In my opinion, the only possible resolute is to abolish the rights of these religions and send them out, into the homelands of their Gods. Weather it be by peace or in a somewhat more forced nature. I have written in greater detail regarding these issues and my thoughts but the essay will not fit into this email. An idea is to watch the following video labeled, “The European Cultural Crisis Solution.” It may seem a bit extreme and far right, but extreme measures are what deal with extreme problems best.
Please watch the following videos, and anticipate further commentations from me. 
Here are the two videos,

The first one speaks about, The European Cultural Crisis. I give an idea that might work. Especially if I get into power in Europe. 


“Letters To The Furher, Adolf Hitler.”

An introduction to the Novel I am currently working on. Please watch. 

With my greatest intentions,

Shawnda Dupree