My prosecution to you will go down in history, Steven Spielberg, because I’m going to strip you just as you did Jesus before you publically humiliated him, before his own mother, tortured him publically, then forced by your persistence and will power to roman soldiers to conclude the execution. Not one Jew would get off his donkey to at least help the Romans put him to death. That is how selfish the Jewish people are. I will devour every thing you call yours. I’ve already started on your reputation, And I will be twice as rich as you while I am still young. You and most of the world persecuted Jesus in front of one of his soldiers, that is why, despite my flaws, I detest what you and your men have done, and I will always detest what you are. Jesus is lord of the imperfect and he will show you this with time. I told you I am a soldier in Armageddon, and you embarrassed my commander and King. You’ve defiled every good thing and desecrated every higher palace with your drunkiness. Your best friend is in a religion that has slaughtered your kind through the history. You actually have no one who admires you. If no one defends his name I will. And this will cost you your life. God is angry at you for dethroning him and blaspheming his name. I help him take back his seat. He destroyed 6 million of you once for the same reasons. You embarrassed him. You did it again, and there is a second prophecy against the Jewish people. And a third against Israel. Why would God attack people he loved who loved him back with the entire world. Maybe it’s a humbling exercise. Ask them if they aren’t plotting this.