To the President of France, the congress of France, and the French Parliament. 
     My name is Shawnda Dupree, I sent an idea regarding the cultural clashing in France which I would like to negotiate with if desired and in addition, I am Requesting asylum in France from the United States, because I have been persecuted for being a Christian. My Persecution includes sexual harassment, inprisionment, harassment of all kinds in public and my jobs. I was fired multiple times because I failed to cooperate in an entertainment scandal involving Steven Spielberg who read an article I had published and after seeing my photograph, desired to sleep with me. He paid the owner of Starbucks to watch me use the bathroom in which they publicly humiliated me in front of everyone over. This all started shortly after I wrote to Israel about an original idea I had speaking about relocating the Palestinian people into the gulf region. Where a man made island like many others would be created. I also sent my idea to the White House, they responded saying they could not assist me but to keep my idea posted. My idea was published by an Israeli by the name of Jacob Kimchy. My video went global and the entire world watched it. Shortly after that I realized I was being stocked by men who were Israeli and Jewish. Two of those men were prominent Jewish members. Including Steven Spielberg and the CEO of Starbucks, (also Jewish) Howard Schultz. Even men who I later found out we’re in the United States government began to follow me relentlessly, some of them continuously propositioned me for sex. I was harassed at my work and in person by a prominent member of society who had connections to the White House. His name is Steven Spielberg he is Jewish and I am a Christian. He personally threatened to murder my son if I would not engage in sex with him. He is a seventy year old billionaire. I was harassed every day for months and lost several jobs. I roamed the streets homeless as Steven Spielberg I later found out personally requested I do not get a job. In order to sustain myself. I never imagined I would be held prisoner and persecuted in America, my homeland but as the police told me, he is a billionaire and there is nothing we can do. Later while homeless a police officer also attempted to rape me and when I did not undress in front of him he ordered me to be taken to a psych clinic where they stripped me in front of him and gave me a psychotic shot. But when I asked when I woke up I requested to be released and they told me I was to be held against my will and my own mother singed for me to hospitalized when the psychologist refused to disclose information I became more persistent. He then told me I had no mental disorder what so ever but would remain held against my will. I was refused proper amounts of water even though I was taking high amounts of medication for a mental disorder. But I did not have a mental disorder according to the doctor on staff, so I questioned why I was receiving psychotic mess which would knock me out. My answers never came. I was then transferred to another facility where I was harassed constantly by staff and other members inside because as they told me. I am famous in the United States. I do not know how much France knows of me but I became famous in the U.S. and Israel when I wrote an article that was published. I will add that article to this letter, requesting asylum. I began to investigate Steven Spielberg and discovered he was notorious for harassing very young women of Christian back ground, who were of Caucasian ethnic origin. He has oppressed me in the United States for over a year with the U.S. governments complete knowledge. Some government officials in congress of Jewish origin were aiding Spielberg because of their hatred towards Christians. The Jews were not and will not be held accountable because as the U.S. government said, “They are holocaust victims and how would it look?” The United States has placed me into a psychological prison because they have set up cameras in my own home. I wrote to the government many times requesting they stop interfering with my life. I found out that Steven Spielberg had strong connections within the U.S. Congress as well as every branch of the United States Government. Shortly after I moved in with family because I could no longer hold a job because of the discrimination and consistent harassment I discovered they are still stalking and watching me. I recently left a job after my constant corrections over stuff as small as a receipt. I was written up after a woman claimed that I rolled my eyes at her, which was completely faults. I was harassed through a voice box that I could barely hear in my home by Jewish men claiming they were going to murder my son and kidnap me from my job where Steven Spielberg began showing up where they forced me to stand in front of him and ring up his groceries. Shortly after a friend of his named Ralph firmness began staking me and repeated the same thing. I later read that Ralph Fiennes (this article can be read online and will also be attached to this letter.) a former actor and close friend of the Jewish producer Steven Spielberg raped a woman and made her homeless. She fought police in order for them to show her the footage of the crime committed against her in which she was arrested the exact same thing happen to me. I request video footage of men who were Jewish who were stalking and harassing me. I was refused the footage and the persecution continued. Later my mother was propositioned by Steven Spielberg to have sex with her daughter in exchange for money. I have lived in misery and fear for over a year becaus I am a female who refused to have sex with a wealthy Jewish man, Steven Spielberg I began to investigate him myself and found out he’d been accused of raping children as young as five, some in front of his own wife. They later put into social media that I had a sexually transmitted disease in order to further pressure me into sleeping with Steven Spielberg when that did not work I was forced to seek shelter in a tent with third degree burns on my thighs because I could not properly shielded. I had to seek medical attention while homeless because the burns were so bad. The government was still watching my actions while I was homeless. My son was threatened by my mother when she told me they were going to murder my five year old son if I did not engage in sexual activity with Steven Spielberg. I found out he was also doing this to several holly wood celebrities who were also publicly humiliated and harassed in order to force them into sleeping with Steven Spielberg. During my time on the streets I could not obtain steady work and found myself sleeping in the streets while my own mother was near by. I was still harassed even while homeless. Steven Spielberg took extreme advantage of his connections and power in order to either force me to sleep with him as he did many others or be warned that a gang rape would occurs with him and Ralph Fiennes that he would get away with in front of President Obama. I assumed this meant my government had no desire what so ever to protect me. The U.S. Government is literally holding me as a captive because I no longer want to be an American citizen. I wish to seek asylum and refuge in France because I can not obtain it with in my own country. I was told by members of the U.S. Government that they would not allow me to leave the United States under any circumstances and that I would no longer be allowed to hold a steady job because they knew my intentions were to leave. They then told me if I left I would then be commuting an act of Treason against the United States of America. I was astonished at my discovery. I now have to willingly endure daily explicit sexual harassment by a self professed child rapist who boasted about raping children from indigent mothers who could not defend them against the perpetrators. I have to wake up every morning and listen to them tell me in my own house that I am going to be gang raped and made homeless in a very short period of time. I am now being held hostage wishing my own country because this billionaire Steven Spielberg has more authority and power than the president of the United States. I am requesting France’s assistance in leaving my country in order to seek safety from this monster who has my mother threatening me daily. Steven Spielberg had also acted in acts of terrorism against American citizens including myself for most of his life. Because he is a billionaire he does not have to be held accountable under the United States Constitution. That was told to me by the United States Government when I desired he stop harassing me. I can no longer maintain a stable life style in America and wish to leave as soon as possible. France is the only country I believe can help me because of their political advantage in the field of international politics. I have been to the police where I was almost raped after being forced to strip in front of numerous men for no reason. I walked the streets homeless in order to humble me and convince me I was nothing more than a hooker. I placed a Jewish star on my arm because I am Christian and desired to represent kind David. It is known as the shield of David. I was told I was not Christian but Jewish and the Israelis are preparing to kidnap me. I am requesting the aid and assistance from France to seek permanent asylum in France. Thank you.